We Hedrick Brothers combine our 7 years experience as filmmakers with our approach to wedding videography, corporate videos, and web videos.  The result?  Quality films that capture the heart and uniqueness of your wedding, business, or group.  As filmmakers, we want to approach each project differently with a goal of fostering an environment of collaboration that meets your need!


A lover of life and serving people, a keen sense of the moment, an ability to capture stories yet to be told, an unwavering commitment to quality – these are a few descriptions of Jonathan.  Jonathan works with couples and businesses to achieve a fresh photographic perspective simply dripping with thoughtful, intentional artistry, that leaves viewers changed.


With varied musical gifts, Felice Strings offers a wide range of flexibility that enables them to thoughtfully craft their music to fit your need featuring harp, harp and violin, or piano with harp or violin.

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