About HB

Hedrick Brothers Productions exists because of a desire to use our abilities to advertise your business, capture your love story, or make web videos to connect with your fans!  Our services include not just videography, but photography and live music for events such as weddings, teas, banquets, or other social events.  Head over to our Services page for more information.


At the heart of Hedrick Brothers Productions exists a desire to be actively involved in Independent Christian Filmmaking (see our “Film” page for a list of past and current film projects).  What does it mean to be an Independent Christian Filmmaker?  Basically it means we have the freedom to make the films we believe the Lord desires us to create that communicate pertinent messages to you guys (movie lovers) that agree with biblical teaching.  Jonathan and Joshua, co-owners of Hedrick Brothers Productions in Christiansburg, Virginia, are young men who are passionate about serving the Lord with the art of filmmaking.  They have been involved in film since 2005, with experience in writing, directing, producing, cinematography, gaffing, gripping, audio recording, mixing, editing, and scoring.  Their interest in film began with a documentary about Smithfield Plantation in Blacksburg, Virginia, a collaborative effort of many fellow home educated students.  This project put them in contact with their county’s media specialist where they interned during the summer of 2006.  They were interns in 2010 for HeuMoore Productions’ film Ace Wonder: Message From a Dead Man.  In 2011, they partnered with Wintons Motion Pictures to produce their first major film Rescued: The Heart of Adoption and Caring for Orphans, which was released as a semi-finalist documentary in February 2012 at the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival.  Their other 2011 credits include videography for Captivated (2012 SAICFF runner up for Best Documentary), and Director of Photography and Assistant Director for The Forgotten Martyr: Lady Jane Grey (2012 SAICFF Best Young Filmmaker Award winner and runner up for the Best Short Film Award).


Jonathan, the eldest brother, is an artist by nature and has a keen eye for utilizing proper composition to capture unique subjects that communicate a message both in still and moving pictures.  In photography, he specializes in capturing single frame images in natural light settings that tell the viewer as much as possible about that particular person or event.  As a cinematographer and editor, Jonathan’s experience in photography is invaluable.


Joshua loves taking a project idea and making it a reality.  He enjoys the challenge of crafting timely, unique, strong stories that challenge the hearts and minds of its viewers.  As a direct result of his work on various projects, Joshua has experience in many aspects of all three stages of production, but his passion lies in writing, directing, and producing.

Greg is the Executive Producer of Hedrick Brothers Productions. Greg seeks to give wise council, guidance, and leadership to his sons, as well as manage the business and legal affairs of Hedrick Brothers.  As an engineer, Greg also contributes his analytical skills to help discover why something isn’t working properly and how it can be fixed, also proving beneficial from the conception of a project idea and exploring its viability, to the day it is sold.